Making Plett safe together

An alert was received of a break-in @ 105 Longships in the early morning hours, SAPS was quick on scene. During the chase the suspect dropped several items before he disappeared into the bushes. Plett K9 Blackie tracked suspect where he was hiding, the suspect was placed under arrest. The stolen goods of Longships break-in was recovered plus various other stolen items.

PSTRU drone pilot Waldo then arrived on scene to scan the area for possible more suspects.

Should you have had a recent burglary please contact SAPS with the details of the stolen items.

Security partnership with SAPS at its best, great job!
Working together towards a safer crime free greater Bitou area
Stay alert and be crime wise

Our world evolves continuously and we need to adjust accordingly for the greater good of everyone else and for progress

Technology that are part of our daily lifes also evolves, giving us better, revolutionizing options. The Buzzer App will give you the peace of mind, that within 3 seconds you can get connected, requesting assistance /reporting incidents. The precise location of any incident will eliminate a lot frustration (the back and forth communication to get proper location details on Whats App) is a definate winner (the unnecessary chitchatter on WhatsApp) is an added bonus in our security partners combined efforts to reduce criminal activity.

Join the 500 plus Plett members that chose to move forward immediately with this revolutionary new technology. The more people that join, the better the App will work for everyone in our greater Bitou community.

The Buzzer is a very easy App
Thank you very much for your overwhelming support.

Much obliged
Stay safe be crimewise

Otto Olivier
PBCPA Operations Executive