Good Day All,

Firstly welcome to all our visitors to Plettenberg Bay – our streets and beaches are abuzz with activity – it is great to have you here enjoying our town with us and we sincerely hope that you will not only enjoy a wonderful time in Plett but whilst doing so assist us in our endeavours to keep you safe by following generally recognised safety guidelines as set out in the attached document. We pray that with your cooperation you will enjoy a safe and happy festive season with us. If you have any safety concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on our 24 hour helpline 0822518134 and we will rapidly deploy one of our members to assist you and/or allay your concerns. Please keep our number on your cell phone whilst you are in Plett in case you need us.

Saturday morning I’ve spent a good portion of my day with Thomas of Plettenberg Bay Law Enforcement signing up and handing out new uniforms to most of our Car Attendants who will henceforth be on duty resplendent in their new uniforms  which are very distinctive and, owing to the fact that they are purpose manufactured, will be difficult to replicate. See pictures of some of the attendants in uniform and the Code of Conduct to which they have committed attached. If properly attired and complying with the code of conduct, a donation for their efforts will be appreciated. We will be continuing to roll out the exercise into early next week where after any Car Attendant wearing any other uniform should be reported to MLE and removed from our streets. Each Car Attendant will be provided with a daily permit signed by an officer of MLE and must produce the permit on demand to any person who wishes to have sight of the document. 

Until such time as we have completed the “re-uniforming” exercise, you may come across the occasional Car Attendant in an old uniform but in possession of a daily permit but with effect from tomorrow, only those Car Attendants in the new uniform should be rewarded for their efforts. Once again we would be grateful for your cooperation in only rewarding duly uniformed Attendants in order to discourage street children and others from acting as “rogue attendants” and compromising the exercise.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." alt="CAR ATTENDANTS.jpg">

The Festive Season is a time to express gratitude and we are fortunate in having much to be thankful for;-

  • At the risk of leaving someone out, we have particular reason to be grateful to the following:- Plett Security and the Plett Accommodation Association for sponsoring the new Car Attendant uniforms – I am sure that all will agree that they are distinctive and look really great and create a good impression of our town;
  • Thomas of MLE for his sterling efforts with me in the hot sun distributing the uniforms;
  • Andile Sakati, Sia Vandala, Thomas and the MLE team for making such a massive contribution to our safety effort at this time of the year – they are out there in numbers looking good and diligently carrying out their duties;
  • The ever committed and hard working members of the PBCPA team who tirelessly underpin so much of our security effort using their own time and resources and, a particular “thank you” to our Secretary, Ina Olivier, who does so much to “oil the wheels” and keep us on the “straight and narrow” insofar as our administration and secretarial issues are concerned;
  • Col Michaels and the Plettenberg Bay police for their unerring support, cooperation and commitment to keeping our town safe;
  • The Plett Watch management team and various chapters of the Plett Watch who in the past 12 months have become such an effective force in keeping our suburbs a safe place to be;
  • All our other neighbourhood watch and support group teams from the Crags to Harkerville for your efforts in keeping your areas safe and contributing so significantly to the overall effort;
  • Sean Ganga, Gerry Swiegers and the Bitou Traffic team for keeping us all “honest” and safe in the use of our streets and contributing to the overall safety and security effort;
  • Our Fire Department  and Emergency Services for being so efficient and responsive to any emergency situation;
  • Paul Pretorius and Wesley Maquillan for their commitment and hard work in furthering the effective CCTV coverage in Plett;
  • And not to forget our Mayor, Memory Booysen and the Municipality and, in particular, our Ward 2 Councillor, Wayne Craig, and Councillor Stuart Farrow for their hard work and never ending support for the security effort;
  • And last but not least to our residents who have risen to a new level of consciousness, knowledge and commitment to keeping Plett safe during 2015.

I am sure that I will have forgotten someone but you will know who you are, what you have done and know that we appreciate your contribution.

You are all amazing and, as a town, we are blessed to have such a wonderful working relationship between all the various arms of safety and security. I believe that we are quite possibly unique in enjoying such an across the board high level of cooperation. 

Having said all the above, how are we doing in our efforts to eliminate crime from our town? As they say “the figures tell the story” and I believe that we may well again be unique in our sector 1 policing area (Plettenberg Bay Town and adjacent area) in achieving a reduction in every type of crime across the board according to the latest national annual crime stats released in the past few weeks – other than in the case of stock theft – I was not aware that we had any “stock” in Plett but apparently we had some ostrich chicks which were stolen as against zero stock theft in the prior annual report. I am sure that we will achieve similar results in the current year but this is no reason to be complacent – we still have a “nagging” petty crime problem and if you are careless in your attitude towards the security of your premises or property or leave valuables in your vehicle, you may become a victim so please assist us in taking due and proper care at all times. 

To our local residents – as someone once said to me “we won’t notice the difference when we get to heaven one day as we live in paradise here on earth already”. May you have a blessed festive season and let us all open our arms and show our visitors what a Plett welcome is like – our visitors can get a bit overwhelming in their numbers sometimes and even a bit noisy on occasion and we have to queue for almond croissants and to get into our favourite restaurants but we love having them here and must rejoice in seeing them enjoy what we enjoy every day of the year and ensure that they have a happy and safe holiday in our town.

I trust that you will all enjoy a safe and happy Christmas and every blessing in 2016.

Working towards a safer and crime free Plettenberg Bay

Yours in Safety

Good Day,

The Festive Season is in full swing and our picturesque town is starting to burst out of its seams with happy holidaymakers and locals alike. The happy busy vibe is contagious, making one more tolerant whilst standing in long queues or when being caught up in traffic.

Whilst reflecting back on a successful year, made possible by you; our wonderful Clients, Business Partners, PBCPA members & all Security stakeholders, Friends, Family and Plettonians, we want to state thatare extremely proud and humble to be part of the wonderful Plett Community

The strong working relationship and shared values between Smart Alarms and Plett Security sparked off the foundation of the PBCPA in November 2010. Ever since the PBCPA members work relentlessly with SAPS towards a safer and crime free Plettenberg Bay. Neighbourhood watch and support groups have grown from a couple to a spider web across the whole Bitou area. The Crags Support group have set the bar of what can be achieved if everyone worked together, they have reduced criminal activity to basic no incidents, Poortjies NW on the other hand is legendary and have launched the first CCTV project successfully. One can only be thankful and applaud the fantastic volunteers, giving up their time doing patrols at their own expense; Hats Off to the Crags Support Group / Kurland NW / Keurbooms HOA / Keurbooms River MHA / Wittedrift NW / Boschfontein NW / Goose Valley HOA / Harkerville Farm Watch / Airport Road Farm Watch / Poortjies & Plett Watch, you are absolutely amazing, THANK YOU!

In the beginning of the year the reigns of the PBCPA was handed over in the capable hands of Bruce Richardson, elected chairperson, after a public meeting.  Enormous work has been done this year; the Plett Watch Group has bloomed and flourish to a membership of 900.

Plett Security have moved offices November to 15 Florina Place, cnr Main and Gibb Street where we share premises with Smhart Alarms. A world class control room with the best quality electronic equipment was erected at the new premises by Smhart Alarm Technicians and Wesley from the Computer Shop. Fortunately the glitch (due to an unreliable internet service provider) the Bmerc CCTV project is up and running again, with guaranteed back-up service from the Computer Shop. The bad news is that the Bitou Municipality has withdrawn their 24/7 monitoring staff and no other contribution is forthcoming from them in the near future. This financial setback will not deter the current efficient and effective Bmerc monitoring service. Plett Security and Smhart Alarms envisage to establish aSecurity Service Provider, catering for all your security needs under one roof, hopefully this vision will become reality in 2016.

Plett Security primary mission will always be to be a pro-active in crime prevention, working with our Security Stakeholders and PBCPA members towards a safer and crime free Plettenberg Bay

Enjoy every minute of the Festive Season

God Bless

Yours in Safety

Otto & Waldo Olivier

Good Day All,

My apologies that the report Period 26th October to 9thNovember 2015 is late but my focus has been on the Plett Rage until such time as all security arrangements were put in place and documented – no small task!!

Period 26th October to 9th November 2015

Items of Note

  1. It was reported that Theo Kampher one of the prime perpetrators of criminal activity in the area remained in remand prison.
  2. After the meeting I circulated a request that all participants in the security effort keep an eye out for an old white Nissan Champ Bakkie Reg no CY63858. This vehicle has been seen regularly in the area in circumstances that suggest that the owner is involved transporting criminal elements in and out of town together with stolen goods. One observer has seen the vehicle driving up the ramp next to the Yamaha shop in the Piesang Valley Road late at night where the vehicle can remain out of sight until needed. The vehicle is being driven by 2 young guys who are reported as staying illegally at farm B8 on the Airport Road. The area NW undertook to investigate. They have also been reported as begging for fuel at fuel stations.
  3. Rogue Parking attendants in the parking area outside the Spur have been escorting people to the ATM to draw money when told that such persons have no money. I would like all security components to patrol the area regularly in order to ensure that a stop is put to this practice. It seems that an element of coercion is involved!!
  4. There has also been a report of youngsters outside Steers have been indulging in similar activity – once again this must be stopped!! 

Generally crime levels in Sector 1 (Plett Town)remained subdued with the following reported insofar as priority crimes are concerned:-

Housebreaking and Theft – Housebreakings and attempted housebreakings have been reported at the rate of an incident every 2 nights. Affected areas have been Rotheram St, Susan St., A flat at The Dunes,  Stableford St., Red Jacket Rd and Oriental Plaza. In short fairly widely spread.

Theft Out of Motor Vehicles – Once again incidents remained subdued with 2 attempts in Bowtie. There were another 2 incidents in Kennery Island Drive  and Bell Rock where a bottle of rum, Castle Lager beer and R500 in cash was taken  which shows the folloy of leaving valuables in a vehicle even in a relatively secure complex.

Theft – a single incident in Maplin Drive.

Malicious Injury to Property – for some strange reason the tyres of a motorcycle were slashed.

Sector 2 – New Horizons and Bossiesgif/Quolweni 

Contact crimes such as assault GBH and common assault continue to be a problem in New Horizons and Bossiesgif/Quolweni. A high percentage of these incidents relate to domestic violence and one of the assault GBH incidents also involved a rape.

Business robberies from Spaza shops also continue to be a problem as do drug incidents.

There was a theft of a motor vehicle which had been left open with the keys in the ignition.

A single housebreaking incident took place.

Sector 3 – Keurbooms through to the Crags

2 thefts and 2 thefts out of motor vehicles all of which incidents occurred in Wittedrift and the Redford Road at the Crags.

Sector 4  - Rural

A Theft took place at Lorido Farm and a business burglary took place at Sassenhein Estate.

Period 9th to 23rd November

Whilst contact crime in the wider area was down as compared to the previous period, in terms of property crimes it seems that our local criminals have taken note that the festive season is on its way with the enhanced opportunities at this time of year and have started “affirmative” shopping.

Armed Robbery – There was an incident in which a couple taking an early morning walk on Lookout Beach at about 5:30 am were confronted by two knife wielding individuals who deprived them of a watch and a gold ring. Sad though the restriction is, this is an ample demonstration as to why one should not become isolated in a lonely area. Lookout beach at the far end is a very remote and lonely area early in the morning but has remained a reasonably safe area. Residents and visitors are asked to exercise caution and security operatives are asked to patrol on Lookout Beach in order to ensure that there are no further incidents.

Housebreaking and Theft – The number of incidents in the first week remained subdued at less than an incident a day but there were 9 incidents in the 2ndweek with 7 of those incidents having taken place in a single day being Friday the 20th November between 2pm and 6 pm. The incidents took place in the Dunes, Poortjies and the CBD. Clearly the criminals having been brought under pressure during the hours of darkness have spotted an opportunity during the day with residents being “off their guard” and the similarity in the incidents suggest that thes incidents were perpetrated by a single group. I am advised that the number of volunteers in Plett Watch undertaking daytime patrols has increased several fold but residents and visitors are urged to follow proper security proceedings during the day and lock up their properties properly and set alarms when away from home. In these latter incidents, access has been gained by breaking a window. Criminals are reluctant to break glass at night when it is quiet and the sound of breaking glass carries very clearly on the night air but during the day it is noisy and the sound can be lost in the general noises of the day.

NOTE – Theft of firearms. In one incident which took place in Longships a lady left for the day and failed to set her alarm. Inside the premises were a handgun in a safe which was not secured to a wall and an unsecured rifle. A theft of a firearm is a very worrying issue and could cause the loss of a life either in our area or elsewhere. Please people – I have addressed this issue before – if you do not want or are unable to properly take care of and safely secure your firearms, hand them in to the Police. It is not fair to either the residents of the town or the law enforcement agencies to neglect to take proper care to ensure that your firearms are not stolen. I am advised that the lady in question is to be prosecuted and deservedly so. Also remember that if you change your place of residence and have a firearm you are required to notify the police so that they are able to inspect the security arrangements at the new premises and record the new location of the firearm.

Theft out of Motor Vehicles – once again the number of incidents has increased to a little under an incident a day with the affected areas being the Dunes (Beacon Island), Crags, Quolweni, Wittedrift and New Horizons.

I’ve received the following report from Paul Pretorius, we request residents to please keep an eye out and report any similar incidents:-    Dave Spindler reported as follow;- I live at 15 Zenon Street and would like to inform you of a worrying development. Yesterday, I found a small rock at the bottom of my driveway. It was newly there and looked suspicious, so I threw it away. This morning there was another similar one. I threw that away also. Then, at 08h00 this morning I noticed that the power had been cut, but did not worry about it because we have had so many outages. When it was still off at 13h00 today, I phoned a neighbour and established he did have power, and then called the Bitou Service Centre who promised to send an electrician. However, I thought I would check to see if anyone had tampered with the municipal electricity box and found that the lock had been broken off and that someone had switched the power off. I have turned it on again and reported the matter to ADT who have noted this as an event and promised to increase patrols tonight. I have also alerted our Neighbourhood Watch. What more should I do? It seems clear to me that we may be a target. We have had workmen doing maintenance at the house for the last 10 days, and this may be a result.

Plett Watch reports increased activity around the town after a relatively quiet period so residents are asked to increase their levels of vigilance. There are a group of about 5 young black and colored guys in the 18 year old age group who are hanging around town. I have seen them at market Square and more recently were removed from the Checkers parking area where they were begging and looking for opportunities. I am advised that they have been involved in criminal activity in the past and are known users of tic so keep clear of them and report to Plett Watch or the PBCPA.

The Plett Rage is on us so we need to be extra vigilant to ensure that our young visitors remain safe whilst in our town.

I am very involved in the Plett Rage which will be my focus until the 6th December and thereafter am taking a short break so you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks

Working towards a safer and crime free Plettenberg Bay

Yours in Safety

Good Day All,

The Plett Rage is on our doorstep and by Friday our picturesque town will buzz with thousands of students celebrating the end of their schooling and entry into adulthood.

Behind the scenes many people worked relentless to ensure that the students have loads of fun in a secure environment. A Very special THANK YOU to Bruce Richardson, Matric Rage Safety Officer and facilitator of the different safety task groups meetings, your efforts and input are valued by many. We are positive that the safety plan this year will again minimize and/or prevent/reduce incidents this year to safeguard the Plett Rage for our town, which give our Town a fantastic financial boost every year. 

Our town are privilege to have a team of dedicated Security Stakeholders, committed to crime prevention and working together towards a safer and crime free Plettenberg Bay area. 

We want to thank our;-  SAPS Commander Col. Michaels and all Plett Police Officers / Bitou Public Safety Commander, Andile Sakati and all MLE Officers / Traffic Chief, Jerry Swiegers and Bitou Traffic Officers / Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association (PBCPA)  Exco & Bruce Richardson our Chairperson, the PBCPA Security Companies (ADT ~ Blue Bay Alarms ~ Plett Security ~ Prime ~ Smhart Alarms)  & neighbourhood watch groups (PLETT Watch ~ Poortjies NWG ~ Airport Road Farm Watch ~ Harkerville Farm Watch ~ Crags Support Group ~ KPOA ~ KRMHA ~ Boschfontein Farm Watch ~ Wittedrift NW) , as well as all other registered members, whom work 24/7, 365 days every year;-  for the sterling job that they are doing AND will be doing during again during the matric rage and festive season. 

By the words of Helen Keller: - “I am only ONE, but still I am ONE. I cannot DO everything, but still I can DO something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I CAN DO” 

It is said:- “For crime to prosper is for a few good people to do nothing”

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Thank you to all the fantastic people committed to crime prevention:- Your continuous crime prevention activities and operations, support, assistance and input are applaudable, you are making the difference for all in the greater Bitou!!!

Yours in Safety

Otto and Waldo Olivier


Good Day All,

CRIME ALERT :-  I’ve heard of 2 incidents of men in a bakkie pitching up at homes during business hours trying to persuade the domestic worker to grant the access on pretexts that they wanted to examine or take photographs of the premises. Fortunately on both occasions access was denied. We urgently appeal to all residents to instruct their domestic workers not to grant access to anyone unless specifically authorised by their employer.

A Useful link on card skimming in the light of recent ATM  incidents

To whom it may concern


Good Day All,

Our sincere apologies should you have received any bounced or unsubscribe email notifications from the Plett Security E-mail Server. The problem have been addressed and the server are now running smoothly again.

Stay alert and be crime wise

Good Day All,

The following email was received.

Armed Robbery – Ocean Blue

Smhart Alarms Response officers Tubby and Rudi responded to an alarm this morning when they were flagged down by citizens reporting an armed robbery at Ocean Blue.

They were given a description of the 4 armed men involved and where they were headed. Tubby and Rudi then responded in the direction as was given to them and saw the four males jump into a white Golf.

They immediately called the control room for backup and proceeded to follow the golf in which a high speed chase ensued. As the culprits drove up Piesang Valley road it became clear that they would not stop or slow down. The Smhart Alarms officers Tubby and Rudi would not let them get away and as such followed them onto the N2 where they turned towards the Ultra City. At the circle they turned left into the Industrial Area and continued to speed away. Smhart Response followed suite and soon had them cornered.

The suspects lost control of the vehicle and jumped out and ran. Both response officers then gave chase on foot where they were then joined by members of the Plett SAPS.

One culprit ran into a resident of Qolweni’s house where the resident then chased him out and immediately alerted the response officers and police.

One culprit was apprehended and the vehicle with what looks to be some of the stolen goods recovered.  Unfortunately no more information can be given as this is an ongoing investigation.


Other PBCPA members then arrived at the scene and assisted in the search for the other 3 culprits who got away.

We would like to give a special thanks to Tubby and Rudi from Smhart Alarms on a job well done.

We would also like to thank our fellow PBCPA members – Prime Security, Plett Security and Bitou Law Enforcement for your assistance and backup. Well Done to Plett SAPS and Dog Unit.

Also a big thank you to the Qolweni community, with your assistance we located one of the culprits. We are proud to be part of such a great team and great community.

Riana Venter




Good Day All,

Bruce Richardson have send us the following crime report:- The colour coded report supplied by SAPS which hopefully is now understood by all on the circulation base. It will be noted that generally we are doing pretty well but the 2 thorns in our flesh remain and that is housebreakings and breaking into vehicles in Sector 1 which is not a good state of affairs as we head into the festive season and SAPS (and the private sector) need to come up with a solution.

Additional Comments

  1. Although supposedly out of town after fleeing from the police after biting a policemen, Theo Kampher remains a leading suspect and we need to keep an eye out for this well known criminal.
  2. Apparently the driver (a white guy who lives in the Dunes) of a white Nissan bakkie with canopy has admitted to the police that he has transferred Theo Kampher in and out of town but it seems that his notional assistance to SAPS may be more than a cover than a genuine desire to assist so please keep an eye out for this bakkie in the late evening and early morning and report any suspicious movement to the PBCPA or SAPS. Another suspect vehicle is a blue Honda Reg no CX25497 occupied by 3 black guys who, it is believed, may be involved in housebreaking incidents. Please keep a look out for and report to SAPS or the PBCPA any suspicious movement of this vehicle.
  3. SAPS believe that those responsible for housebreakings and other offences are using the to and from work times to move themselves and stolen goods in and out of town. Readers are asked to be particularly vigilant in this area and to report any what they perceive to be suspicious movement.
  4. Primary areas of concern during the past week are the Dunes and Central Plett from Hill Street, down the Church Street area towards Central Beach/Hobby Beach where there have been a number of incidents of theft involving both locals and tourists. PBCPA members are asked to keep an eye on this area.
  5. Good news is that the St Christopher’s Soup Kitchen was closed with the support of SAPS and the CPF last Thursday and the St Peters soup kitchen will be closed with the same assistance by month end. It is worth noting that of the attendees at St Christopher’s, approximately 30% were identified by SAPS as either active or recently released criminals which came as something of a shock to those operating the soup kitchen and vindicates the reasoning for the closure of these venues. Thank you to both institutions for their cooperation. St Christopher’s in particular responded rapidly to the request from SAPS. It is anticipated that these closures will make a meaningful difference to the monitoring of the CBD and surrounding areas.
  6. The “boy with the dog” was observed in the CBD yesterday (sitting on my motor bike!!). The police are looking for him to be removed to a place of safety so please report his presence so that he can be removed from our streets.
  7. After a strategy meeting today the Street Kids campaign will be launched in earnest and all are asked to cooperate in ensuring that no benefit is passed to these children whilst in the CBD. Those giving to them are adversely affecting the work of Masizame, ensuring that these children have no future and contributing to the escalation of crime in our town.
  8. The Plett Secondary School Matric celebration will be on the 16th and 17th  October. This will start at the school and move to Central beach and is expected to be an ill disciplined and rowdy event. All are asked to report nay unacceptable behaviour to the PBCPA, SAPS or MLE. SAPS are forming a task team to deal with the potential problem and we need to “nip it in the bud” before it gets out of hand.
  9. Sadly there has been some activity at Keurbooms River area again after quite a protracted peaceful period and residents in that area are  asked to be on high alert.






Good Day All,

The recent social media buzz tracking a Street Child whom always have a dog with him, showed yet again Plett residents really cares. This boy did not treat his dog humanely which inspired a Logan Harris to take to dog away from this boy, and hand it over to PAWS after he wash and fed the animal. Please follow this link for more details. This same boy damaged a local residents car after an anger outburst, he was also spotted wandering  around in residential area and befriending dogs.  Thank you to everyone involved.

Plett Security and Smart Alarms was one of the sponsors at the Plett Business Chamber Golf Day and manned a refreshment spot for the golfers on this cold and windy day. The owners said staying involved in community projects is of the upmost importance as it show business people really cares.  

These two culprits was caught red handed in the house when Plett Security received an alert. On responding to the scene they requested their co-PBCPA members assistance. Within minutes Plett Security, Smart Alarms & Prime Security arrived on the scene and apprehended the criminals and handed them over to SAPS.  Due to the sensitivity of the investigation to ensure conviction, no more details are available. A Huge Thank you to everyone involved

For improved results continuous research are being done to get the best tracking equipment.

It is said:- “For crime to prosper is for a few good people to do nothing”

Thank you to all the fantastic people committed to crime prevention:- Your continuous crime prevention activities and operations, support, assistance and input are FANTASTIC, you are making the difference for all in the greater Bitou!!!

Stay alert and be crime wise



 Good Day All,

As you are no doubt aware, there is a massive thrust on the go to get the street children from our streets. As part of this campaign the CPF Plettenberg Bay want to circulate an educational “poster” to all associations for distribution to their members, business owners & NGO’s.



  • Giving money to children on the street encourages them to leave home and stay out of school. It promotes substance abuse and keeps them away from organisations that are there to help them;
  • Giving food and clothing also does not help, as such food and clothing is often sold or exchanged for illegal drugs or money;
  • If you give them money, food or clothing you are effectively paying them to be on the street and become beggars and such children almost inevitably turn to a life of crime as they get older;
  • Please do not make beggars of our children – our constant monitoring of the situation reveals that no matter what they may tell you, they all have homes or a place of safety to go to where they are being fed and cared for.


The Western Cape Government has a comprehensive social grant system and many professional and specialised organisations specifically geared to address the problem of children begging on our streets.





Good Day All,

Monday around 2pm  the CCTV cameras picked up 4 youths climbing over Keith Berning’s front wall in Poortjies, PBCPA members responded immediately and requested SAPS assistance. Smhart Alarms was first on the scene and the culprits was caught in the act stealing oranges, they were handed over to SAPS. Keith Berning was elated that the CCTV cameras are proven to be an effective crime prevention tool.

Paul have send us the following scam alert:-

This is a known scam. Don’t get caught.

From: [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]
Sent: 12 August 2014 04:51 AM
Subject: Online returns processed

A credit of R4,729.40 has been made into your account by Sars eFiling.
Please check for confirmation

Priority crime report for period 4th to 10th August compiled by Bruce Richardson, CPF Chairman:-

  1. The aggravated robbery in Sector 1 was a single incident which took place outside a bank – residents and visitors need to exercise caution when undertaking banking. Undertaking daily banking at the same time of day, using the same personnel, vehicle and container invites trouble. Businesses in particular need to constantly vary these various components of banking.
  2. Theft out of Motor Vehicles remains our primary challenge in Sector 1 (Plettenberg Bay residential and town area). Incidents occurred in Marine Drive, Ferdinand/ Parklane / Langdown and Hopwood streets.  This continuing problem which is actually by far the easiest problem to solve is indicative of residents and visitors continuing to leave valuables in their vehicles. Whilst it is clearly far better to hide valuables than to leave them visible in the vehicle, the only complete solution which will eradicate this problem completely is to not leave any valuables in vehicles. Criminals are cottoning on to the fact that residents are responding to the call to hide their valuables and a fairly regular feature is for thieves to break into vehicles where there is nothing visible in the reasonable expectation that something of value will be found.
  3. The primary time for residential break ins is from 6pm to 9pm in the evening – this is homecoming time until after dinner for most residents and is before most alarm systems are activated. Residents need to be particularly cautious during this time and make sure that they take all reasonable security precautions.
  4. Theft common appears to be on the increase. These incidents are largely occasioned by careless behaviour such as leaving doors and windows open, failing to put away items within the premises that are not currently being used. A little more care on the part of residents can greatly reduce this type of incident. In short, if we don’t want criminals wondering around our neighbourhoods looking for opportunities we need to make sure that we don’t create such opportunities.



 Good Day All,


There are perceptions, deceptions and reality regarding criminal activities in Plett. A crime free Plett is the Utopia but the reality is criminal activities will not evaporate if we keep on passing the responsibility for crime prevention and protection to SAPS and the government. It is a known fact that criminal activities are happening all over the world, some places worse than others, the difference being ordinary citizens like you and me doing something about it.


A lot of research have been done and various crime prevention options was tested by neighbourhood watch groups,  local and the rest of the country. It has been proven over and over again that making it difficult for the criminal to operate reduces and in some instances eliminate criminal activities. Fred Oeslicgh and his support committee in the Grags are an exemplary example of what can be achieved. The Crags was invested by criminals and breaks ins was on the order of the day but working together they did not have a single burglary for a year up to this morning.


To drive criminals out of our picturesque town I am calling all our locals to make a stand against crime and enrol as a volunteer in our planned street committees. How is it going to work? Let me explain:-

  1. Under the guidelines and assistance of SAPS and the CPF constitution we want to establish street committees that will endorse crime prevention activities whilst support/looking out for one another in their block/area
  2. To establish a committee for each street will be the ultimate but we must be realistic as we know we have a lot of holiday homes, therefore we are looking at a small area of plus minus 20 to 30 houses per committee.
  3. 100% Participation would have been magic but again some people will not be able to do patrols as some might not be up to the task, but can contribute in other ways.

Therefore it is essential to have a motivated, fired up, keen to make a difference in safety and security individual at the helm of a street committee, keeping his/her support group together & motivated plus making it difficult for criminals to operate in their area. Are you such a person, will you answer my call to “arms” to drive criminals out of our town? Please send me an email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and enlist as a volunteer for the overall good of Plettenberg Bay and all its residents.


It has been said:- For evil to prosper is for good people to do nothing.

Yours in Safety

Otto Olivier





Good Day All,

Many Plettonians took a well deserved break away with their loved ones during the winter school holidays, we sincerely hope each and everyone have relaxed and had loads of fun. For all those PBCPA members whom hold the crime prevention activities reins and assisting SAPS with incidents, a HUGE thank you on a job well done.

We have received the following news items:-

Bruce Richardson compiled the following summary after the SAPS priority crimes meeting:-

The crime profile for the first week in July was as follows:-

Generally quiet with very few incidents in Sector 1 although contact crimes are on the increase in sector 2. Details as follows:


Locations – primarily in the Dunes with incidents in Capricorn Street, Jument Street and Hill Street.

Time of day – 15.00 to 18.00

Modus Operandi – Breaking into houses whilst the owners are away at work. No alarms triggered which suggest either no alarm installations or people failing to activate their alarms during the day.

Theft Out of Motor Vehicles

Locations – Bowtie/Julia area and Hob Street

Time of Day – 15.00 to 18.00

Modus Operandi – Breaking into vehicles in owners premises.

Armed Robbery

Location – The Table Restaurant in Main Street

Time of Day – 23.00

Modus Operandi – 5 African males approached the manager of the restaurant whilst he was locking the premises at closing time, 3 of whom were bearing fire arms. They threatened the manager who gave them the key to the safe from where they stole a sum of approximately R1000.

From Paul Pretorius:-

Showing again the effectiveness of CCTV as a crime prevention tool:-

2014-07-13, Sunday evening, 10h00

Control room reported 2 suspects.

Their hiding position @ 13 Plato Road identified on the CCTV camera.

Unfortunately only one response officer (Rudi from Smhart Alarms) on the scene when the suspects decided to run.                                                  

from Carol Farquar & Pano Nicolopulos

Many thanks to Constable Gqukani, Sgt Gerber and his dog, W/O Maritz and the MLE guy for doing this sweep of the area with us.  We all appreciate your efforts to combat crime in the area and as the KRMHA NW group are always willing to assist you wherever we can.   

Thank you again for all your efforts.

Kind regards


 Sent: 16 July 2014 14:46

Hi All,

 To those that took the trouble to respond to our request to be involved in the area sweep and those that also brought assistance along, many thanks.

With the assistance of the police and a tracker dog unit we today combed the bush and roads at the back of the Dunes, Matjiesfontein, Palm Lane, Silver Ranch and the old Sanral house. Although the police dog could not pick up any specific scent (no recent burglaries) his handler said the dog was picking up scent due to possible old activity in the area. We were however able to find stolen property, a black leather sling bag in one of the old houses on the Tshokwane property with a receipt inside that had a name and phone number. Obviously whatever valuables inside had long since been removed but we were able to establish that it belonged to a holiday maker staying at San Marino during the recent Plett rage in December 2013. They had reported it to the police but had no success in retrieving their stolen property. So we can at least confirm that this could be a “sleep over “ area used by criminals.

Dependant on volunteers we may on an ad hoc basis continue to do these sweeps.

Once again thanks to those who assisted so that the rest of our community may sleep easy at night.

 PS: Will the other coordinators inform their own residents of our findings.






Good Day All,

Last night after 21H00 an distress call was received from a Lady in Rainbow Place, her dogs was barking continuously and her husband was not at home.  Otto from Plett Security and Colin from Smhart Alarms responded with SAPS. Suspect was spotted in the back yard whom started fled the scene. Suspect was chased down and caught by Otto in Marine Drive near the NG Church. Suspect was handed over to SAPS.  Great work, thank you to everyone involved.

Paul Pretorius have send us the following :-

Beware of new scam

 June 23, 2014 -

Just as South Africans only learned not to be caught with the "rich uncle in England"'s bequest or the newer version of to dail a phone number that can give several million rand, or the Receiver Revenue scam for a refund teasing people to respond, a brand new one emergerged. The latest ploy is that the South African Police Service (SAPS) name is used to give credibility to a phony grant. The trick is unexpected for any law-abiding citizen and will probably trap many people. The scam begins when you receive an SMS from the SAPS off a case against you that will entice you to contact "so and so" at the following phone number. When you want to determine what is going on when you call the number, and a "constable" answer, he will want to know your name and ID number to verify that he is speaking to the right person. The “Constable” start asking friendly questions whilst pretending searching for your details, questions like:- at what bank you do business, how long have you been with the bank - all so very casually, he then ask for your four digit pin to register your response on the computer. Should you dare to question the info he request the "constable" becomes difficult and threaten you with arrest.

A police spokesman said that people who get such SMS, must report all details immediately and should not phone the number at all.

Bruce have send us the following:-

Residents are cautioned to adhere to the speed limit along Longships Ave. The traffic department is in the process of installing a “green mamba” type speed trap on the left proceeding along Longships towards Whale Rock shortly,  before the Jument Street turn off (in front of Bell Rock Flats). These traps are capable of trapping speeding motorists in both directions.

Bruce has also send us the winter load shedding schedule which he received from Councillor Craig. He said:-  Hopefully we will not progress beyond stage 1 as we may be subject to load shedding during the following days and times:-


Mondays            18.00 to 20.30

Wednesdays      08.00 to 10.30

Fridays               14.00 to 16.30

You will recall that after a lot of hype we only (as I recall) had a single load shedding incident last winter so hopefully this winter will be the same but it all depends on each one of us doing all we can to switch off all lights and appliances that are not currently in use and avoiding the use of high consumption appliances such as washing machines, tumble driers, dish washers etc during critical hours. These should be set to run after 9pm in the evening when consumption rates are relatively low.

Although we complain a lot about our electricity supply in RSA compared to much of the rest of the world in many ways we are very spoilt and often very wasteful of what we do have. My wife and I have recently returned from a 3 week trip to Umbria in Italy. Their feed into a residence is 3kva and they have to (and do) make do on that limited supply which is about enough to run an oven and hairdryer at the same time. As I recall, our minimum feed into a residence is of the order of 40kva.  Of further interest is that our weekly cost of gas and electricity in Italy equated to our monthly cost of electricity and water in Plett (we do not have gas).

It is not uncommon to see many of the massive houses in Plett with virtually every light in the house on at night – most of which are those 50watt down-lighter systems which are very heavy on electricity.

If we learn to manage our situation appropriately, I believe that we will have very little load shedding – if we fail to do so then the consequences are inevitable. Let’s bind together as a nation and do this!!

Kind regards

Bruce Richardson

CPF Chairman