Hi All, Bad news and sad as well !!! After having enjoyed an extended period of no house robberies , we suddenly have two in a row. Paul Deans, near the Vodacom tower,  was robbed on Tuesday night. Tw00 flat screen TV's were stolen.  Alastair picked up the tracks of three suspects who clearly went to three different homes . It was also clear that they had been dropped off from a vehicle. Africa Canyon Adventures Office was robbed Thursday night, one flat screen TV stole - but read this  the same tracks were found here as at Paul Dean's home. Alastair has been working flat out and has found out who these guys are, they are from Kurland Village, and we hope that the SAPS will arrest them very shortly. In the meantime Please be very vigilant, patrollers be aware of the possibility of vehicles driving on our roads at night, possibly dropping off crooks. Report all and any suspicious movement. Unfortunately, our channel 1 is still not working and we have been unable to contact Garden Route Communications so --- please continue to use Channel 4 as our emergency channel until we have been able to get the problem of Ch 1 sorted out. Ch 4 - Emergencies Ch 3 - Patrols Be aware, be safe. Coordinators, please send out as soon as possible. Yours Aye, Fred O

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