Crime Alert
Yesterday afternoon at about 5pm, a friend and I parked our cars at Look Out Beach opposite the Lemon Grass Restaurant. We usually park our cars there to run from this point.

As we started our run, a black gentleman by the name of Siya ran ahead of us. I don’t think he was aware that we were behind him.

He ran and then was walking rather fast up the hill away from the Lemon Grass restaurant towards home. He then started throwing rocks at these two elderly ladies (German Tourists) – ahead of him. The tourists wore jewellery, they carried a camera and cell phones and we believe it was his intention to rob them.

I started shouting out at him to stop throwing the rocks as I was scared he would hurt the elderly ladies and I couldn’t understand at that stage what he was doing.

He then turned around and ran to a tree where he picked up two substantially large rocks – a brick-size each (which seemed to have been conveniently placed there), and threw one at my friend – just narrowly missing her head and then another at me. He looked demented and we were afraid for our lives. He was threatening to attack us further. Luckily another couple arrived and the car guard by the name of Themba came to our assistance and started shouting at Siya. Siya then disappeared into the bushes.

Siya appeared drugged. He was seriously aggressive and poses a threat to our society and to tourists in particular.

I kindly request the Police to be on the lookout for Siya and to patrol the Lookout Beach area (especially around Lemon Grass) and have a serious talk to this man so that he knows that the police are aware of his actions. Hopefully that can deter him.

I do believe that this man will attack again.

I did attempt to report this at the Police Station but had little assistance. I know this appears a trivial matter due to the higher levels of crime you experience – but this man is a threat and is targeting tourists – the lifeblood of our community.




Last night after 21H00 an distress call was received from a Lady in Rainbow Place, her dogs was barking continuously and her husband was not at home. Otto from Plett Security and Colin from Smhart Alarms responded with SAPS. Suspect was spotted in the back yard whom started fled the scene. Suspect was chased down and caught by Otto in Marine Drive near the NG Church. Suspect was handed over to SAPS. Great work, thank you to everyone involved. - Bruce Richardson




You guys are just fantastic. We are so grateful for the huge effort you make.  Stamper 9 The Tides





Hi  Bruce / Otto

Many thanks for all the input & the meeting held at our house "Dageraad". I now the verbal permission of all the effected parties to pursue the gating of Estrelle str & I will , hopefully , soon have this & motivation in writing from all to proceed to council .

Please advise of the next step as  it has the blessing of the Ratepayers association , Plet security & local police who were all represented at the meeting---

Best Regards

 Dr George Osler




Hi guys, just about to print this week’s CXPRESS but see you say there were four guys involved in the Ocean Blue robbery, while interviews with the police and the official police report claim there were three suspects. Please let me know if they are wrong at your earliest convenience. Thanks, Esther de Villiers




Good Day All,

Whilst on patrol, the vast experienced response Officer, Tubby Will from Smhart Alarms (PBCPA member) spotted two very well known youth offenders on bicycles.  On closer investigation it was apparent that these bicycles was very expensive and the youths did not want to tell where they got them from, Tubby requested assistance and PBCPA members responded. Tubby was able to retrieve one stolen bicycle when the youths fled with one bicycle into Bossiesgif. Unknown to Tubby two very expensive bicycles was reported to SAPS stolen earlier.

Tubby’s resilience in crime prevention and alertness are once again rewarded with the recovery of the stolen bicycle. Tubby have also ID the two youth’s on the offenders photo gallery to SAPS. We want to salute and congratulate this valiant response officer, you are valued by many.

Please be on the lookout for this very expensive MTB bicycle. Please contact the PBCPA or SAPS with any informationThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." alt="Stolen Bicycle Meeding Street.jpg">

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It is said:- “For crime to prosper is for a few good people to do nothing”

Thank you to all the fantastic people committed to crime prevention:- Your continuous crime prevention activities and operations, support, assistance and input are applaudable, you are making the difference for all in the greater Bitou!!!

Stay alert and be crime wise




Good Day Ina

Can you please circulate my comments below.

Thanking you


Dear Crime Wise Subscribers

I refer to the incident which was circulated in a recent bulletin regarding a lady who had a very unpleasant experience when accosted by a man at Market Square when trying to put her groceries in her vehicle. We circulate these incidents through Crime Wise to not only keep readers abreast of incidents of consequence that occur in our wonderful town but as an educational exercise, hoping that readers will learn from the experience of others as it is very difficult to perpetrate crime successfully in a town of people who:-

  1. Know how to react when confronted with a potentially threatening situation;
  2. Know who to contact when such a situation occurs;
  3. Have ready access to the phone number of the contact organisation.

As in such a town each member of the society is playing a role in combatting criminal behaviour.

Having said this, how should the lady in question responded?

She should have responded with 2 intended outcomes as follows:-

  1. First and most importantly act in such a manner as to ensure your personal safety. The advice of the PBCPA in this regard has long been – “as soon as something unusual happens or you are in any way made to feel uncomfortable – remove yourself from the uncomfortable situation”. Approaches such as experienced by the lady do not occur at Market Square – it was unusual and insistent and she clearly felt uncomfortable from the outset – she should have immediately locked her car, disengaged from the contact and walked away with her groceries to the closest security guard or if there was no guard in the proximity, to a place where there were other people. If necessary she should have walked away without her groceries. She allowed herself to get increasingly “drawn into” the situation which became increasingly threatening.
  2. The second imperative should have been to get the offending individual off the street. If she had located a security guard, a report of the incident should have been made to him. If no security guard was in the immediate vicinity, every resident of Plett should have the PBCPA helpline under AAPBCPA 0822518134 on their cell phone for immediate recall. A call to the PBCPA would have resulted in an immediate response and the suspect in question would have almost inevitably been apprehended.

Let’s make Plett a safer place - together

Bruce Richardson


Plettenberg Bay Crime Prevention Association