The security guards will be visited regularly on site and assistance given when required by management.

We recognize that each client has specific needs, which are assessed and addressed individually; solutions are planned and tailored to the most rigorous demands. Our protection team has the experience and knowledge to ensure that you feel safe and relaxed in all situations. Our security guards have the necessary scholastic qualifications and can communicate in English, as required by PSIRA, the security regulatory authority. Prior to employment, all security recruits are screened and their criminal records checked. No person with a criminal record can be employed in the security industry as per PSRIA, thus why their fingerprints are taken & checked by the SAPD prior to being registered with PSIRA

Our security guards will be fully equipped with batons, torches, cell phones or two way radios (for constant communication between security guard and management on duty), protective clothing and stationary. Any additional equipment or dress code required by our Clients can be incorporated in the security package fee

Plett security guards are monitored via c track tracking. This helps us to see if the guards are active and what the guard also did for n shift. It is equipped with a panic button and pre-programmed speed dialled numbers. This is live tracking and real time effective control